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dc.contributor.advisorArmas Asín, Fernando Alberto
dc.contributor.authorRevilla Fernández, Miguel Edmundo
dc.description.abstractThe role of the National Institute of Culture - Cusco, is to investigate, protect, conserve, to value, promote and disseminate the cultural heritage of the nation and promote cultural development to contribute to national development. The institution's financial resources come from the sale of tickets for admission to the archaeological monuments, mainly Machupicchu and Inca Trail, and the use of these resources on projects and activities within a given anti technical and short-term according to empirical evidence, there is no clear policies to generate resources from other sources or by other circuits, apparently it has not been a human resources management, financial and material resources efficiently and effectively. The abundance of resources has created a messy institutional growth, collapsing, apparently, administrative systems, so it requires a re strategic direction. This work has four parts, the first is the general research involved in the second section makes a quantitative and qualitative assessment of internal and external variables that affect the institution, the third part contains the information of the second chapter and arrays is achieved by generating strategic directions and the fourth part proposes strategies to be followed by the institution.en
dc.publisherUniversidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcoses
dc.sourceUniversidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcoses
dc.sourceRepositorio de Tesis - UNMSMes
dc.subjectPatrimonio cultural - Perú - Cusco (Dpto.) - Financiaciónes
dc.subjectPlanificación estratégicaes
dc.titlePlaneamiento estratégico financiero para la gestión del patrimonio cultural en el Instituto Nacional de Cultura - Cuscoes

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